Empowering tenants

Navigating the rental market can be challenging, especially when problems arise and tenants are unsure where to seek help. At DepositPass, we are dedicated to empowering tenants with the knowledge and resources they need to handle such situations confidently.

The Need for Better Guidance

Recent surveys reveal that a significant number of tenants feel lost when it comes to resolving issues with their rental properties. A new representative survey of over 2,000 private renters conducted by the TDS Charitable Foundation found that just over half of all private renters would not know where to turn if a landlord or letting agent failed to address a problem.

Nearly 50% of tenants desire clearer information on how to raise a complaint, indicating a strong need for accessible guidance. Additionally, 69% of tenants expressed that they would use a dedicated website to resolve their housing issues.

How DepositPass Supports Tenants

At DepositPass, we believe in providing our clients with efficient and fair resolution of disputes. We have partnered with MyDeposits to offer an independent dispute resolution service, ensuring that any disagreements regarding deposits are handled impartially and professionally.

Managing Disputes with us

  • Fair and Transparent Process: The adjudication process is fair and transparent, giving both landlords and tenants an equal opportunity to present their case.
  • Easy Access to Resolution: Tenants can access the MyDeposits ADR service directly through our platform, making it convenient to initiate the dispute resolution process.


Empowering tenants with the right information and support is essential for fostering a fair and transparent rental market. At DepositPass, we are committed to ensuring tenants know exactly where to turn when issues arise, helping them navigate their rental journey with confidence.

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