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Our Mission and Vision Statements

At DepositPass, our journey is guided by a clear sense of purpose and a compelling vision of the future we aspire to create. Our mission and vision statements encapsulate the essence of what drives us every day. They reflect our commitment to transforming the rental deposit experience for landlords and tenants alike, bringing innovation and convenience to the forefront. Explore our mission and vision below, and discover the principles that steer our course toward a rental industry where simplicity and security reign supreme.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safe and trusted deposit system for landlords, renters and letting agents. We believe that building this trust early on will help foster long term good relationships and provide a crucial step along the renters’ journey to finding their dream home. Our cashless solution, which is backed up by life insurers, offers security to landlords, transparency to renters and saves time for letting agents.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the United Kingdom’s most trusted deposit partner for all renters with life insurance policies, their landlords and letting agents.