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Secure rental deposit for


Get your renters started on setting up their secure rental deposit with DepositPass and speed up your rental process. With DepositPass renters can assign their life savings insurance policy to a rental deposit and guarantee property coverage for you.

Speeds up rental process

Setup your renters with DepositPass, they will complete their rental deposit in a flash.

No Costs

There is no cost for landlords, enjoy all the benefits of managing your renter’s secure rental deposits in one place, for free.

Guaranteed payment of outstanding rents

With DepositPass payment of a tenants outstanding rents is immediate and secure.

Easy to use

DepositPass easy-to-use platform lets you manage and track your renters rental deposits in one place.

Just sign up & follow the next steps

Easy peasy
1. Create your account
Setup your secure account and provide us with some key information.
Easy peasy
Same as your rental agreement
2. Enter property and rent details
You can create as many as you need, our system will automatically send signup mails for tenants to get them going.
Same as your rental agreement
Stay in the loop
Track your renter’s progress
Will show you updates on your renter's progress and inform you when it has been approved.
Stay in the loop
And just like that!
4. Obtain your insured rental deposit
After your renter has paid your secure rental deposit will be ready for you and your renter to sign.
And just like that!

Choose Your Path to Rental Deposit Solutions

At DepositPass, we offer a range of channels to assist you. Whether you have questions, need support, or want to explore our rental deposit solutions, we’ve got you covered. Select the option that suits you best:

Free Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can simplify rental deposits for you.

Call Us

If you prefer to speak with us directly, click below to connect with our team.

Chat Now

Have questions? Start a chat with our experts for instant assistance.

Policy Review

Our team is happy to review your life insurance policy to see if it’s eligible for our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

DepositPass provides landlords with a high response rate and better security in case of disputes, while also vetting renters to reduce the risk of issues. It’s free to use and allows landlords to recover renter charges. DepositPass also offers additional protection if agreed upon with the renter.

Yes. In cases where tenants haven’t paid landlords for proven charges, the assigned amount of the life insurance savings plan (policy) can be drawn upon.

It is completely free for landlords.

DepositPass is paid for by your renter, it is free totally for landlords.

DepositPass can be offered to your renters by simply signing up online.

Any property, from residential to commercial ones.

We cover a range of tenancies where a traditional cash deposit would be needed. These include:
Tenancy Description Covered?
Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) In England and Wales Yes
Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) In Scotland Yes
Northern Irish Tenancies Any tenancy subject to the Privacy Tenancy (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 Yes
House of Multiple Occupancies (HMO) Properties where tenants live in the same house or building under separate tenancy agreements Yes
Tenancies for Lodgers Where you live with your landloard Yes
Tenancies with Companies as the Tenant If a company rents the property Yes

You are covered for financial loss or damage for which your tenants are liable under your Tenancy Agreement, up to the value of the number of weeks’ rent you have previously agreed upon with the tenant.

There are two ways that your tenancy agreement can be amended, by either adding the standard terms or a side letter can be used to accompany the agreement.

DepositPass expires simultaneously with the tenancy end date.  This can be extended at any time free of charge for you.

You release the renter or 3rd party who provided the life insurance savings plan (policy) from the deed of assignment signed at the start of the tenancy.

Your tenants remain liable for any financial loss or damage as set out in your tenancy agreement.

If you believe there is any financial loss or damage caused by your tenants under their tenancy agreement, and they have failed to reach a settlement directly with their landlord (it is a requirement of the guarantee that direct settlement has been attempted), they can notify us of this and request to make a claim. If at the end of the tenancy we become aware that payment has not been made to you by the tenant in settlement of any financial loss or damage, we will assume that a claim has been made.

DepositPass provides customers with a highly experienced and professional dispute resolution mechanism through the use of independent adjudicators who belong to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and comply with their Adjudicator Code of Conduct. This means that disputes are handled efficiently and fairly based on the issues in dispute and the evidence provided. As a customer, you may have complete confidence in the dispute resolution process, knowing that it is designed to protect your interests and provide a satisfactory outcome.

After you have given at least 5 business days’ grace in writing to the tenant and this period has expired without the tenant having made the payments due.