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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how DepositPass works for you.

DepositPass is a solution that allows landlords to enjoy high security over their properties at no cost, while also saving renters money on deposit security compared to traditional methods. Our solution provides peace of mind to landlords and helps renters avoid paying a large chunk of their savings just for security. By choosing DepositPass, you’ll benefit from a great solution that works for both landlords and renters.

With DepositPass, renters can easily find the best deposit solution by entering our platform and completing a step-by-step questionnaire. Our solution will guide you to the best deposit option that suits your needs. For landlords, simply register your properties and invite renters to use DepositPass to secure the full deposit cycle. By choosing DepositPass, both renters and landlords can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Creating a Renter’s DepositPass account can help you save up to 35% on your rental security deposit compared to traditional methods. By using our platform, you’ll find the best solution to transfer your deposit, saving you time and money. With DepositPass, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a deposit solution that works for you, whether you’re renting now or in the future.

DepositPass provides landlords with a high response rate and better security in case of disputes, while also vetting renters to reduce the risk of issues. It’s free to use and allows landlords to recover renter charges. DepositPass also offers additional protection if agreed upon with the renter.

DepositPass provides customers with a highly experienced and professional dispute resolution mechanism through the use of independent adjudicators who belong to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and comply with their Adjudicator Code of Conduct. This means that disputes are handled efficiently and fairly based on the issues in dispute and the evidence provided. As a customer, you can have complete confidence in the dispute resolution process, knowing that it is designed to protect your interests and provide a satisfactory outcome.

If your claim is successful and the renter is found liable, you can expect to receive the payout within 5 business days after the renter’s grace period has expired, if the required payments have not been made.

The policies that are assignable include endowments, whole life, life annuities, and investment bonds. If a renter is unsure whether their policy or that of a third-party is assignable, DepositPass can be contacted via email and request a review of the General Conditions and Insurance Cover of the policy. This service is provided by DepositPass at no cost to the renter.

You can access the draft of the tenancy agreement, along with the annexed document titled ‘Security Assignment of Insurance Benefits,’ by clicking here.


Essential Checklist for Renting in the UK

Ensure you’re fully prepared for the renting process in the UK with this comprehensive checklist from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. Don’t overlook any crucial steps when renting your next home!

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