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Your gateway to innovative collaboration in the rental deposit landscape. We’re excited to explore partnership opportunities with you. At DepositPass, we’re committed to reshaping the rental experience for landlords and tenants through seamless and secure deposit solutions.

About DepositPass

DepositPass is a pioneering platform revolutionising rental deposits. Our innovative solutions simplify the rental journey for landlords and tenants alike. By leveraging financial assets such as savings products and life insurance savings, we provide hassle-free alternatives to traditional deposit methods.

Why Partner with DepositPass?

Partnering with DepositPass opens doors to a world of possibilities. Gain access to cutting-edge solutions for rental deposits, streamline processes for landlords and tenants, and unlock new opportunities for growth. With DepositPass, you can enhance your offerings and drive mutual success.

Partnership Opportunities

Explore a range of partnership opportunities with DepositPass:

Integration partnerships

Seamlessly integrate DepositPass into your existing platforms or systems.

Referral partnerships

Refer clients or customers to DepositPass and earn commissions.

Co-marketing partnerships

Collaborate on marketing initiatives to reach a wider audience and drive growth.

Become a Partner

Ready to unlock the full potential of partnership with DepositPass? Whether you’re a technology provider, real estate agency, or financial institution, we’re excited to explore partnership possibilities with you. Get started today by filling out the form below or reaching out to us directly. Let’s shape the future together and achieve mutual success.

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